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At Engaged Design, We listen to you.  We incorporate your ideas to make your new home a reflection of your taste and lifestyle.  Engaged is your number one choice in Haldimand, Norfolk and Brant Counties.


What motivates us at Engaged Design is helping our clients bring their dreams into reality. Seeing the excitement on our clients faces when they look over that final design is the most rewarding part of what we do!



Renovations are much more complicated than new construction. It takes someone who knows how to think on the fly and anticipate infield issues your contractor will encounter.  


Having personally renovated three of my own homes has provided me with valuable insights that I bring to the design process. I understand the contractor's needs and talk their langauge.


It is very satisfying to see the potential in an existing structure and take part in the revitalization process.



Relocation projects make renovations seem like child's play.  


These projects require a lot more care to ensure that everything fits together. 

Precise measurements prior to relocation and innovated design approaches are often required to accomodate the wide range of variables encountered in the field. 


The joining of new and old to create a new space is an environmental responsible way of realizing your dreams!

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