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Our History

Engaged Custom Home Design believes a collaborative design process is the best route to great design.

Where was I and where are we headed?

I grew up in Norfolk County and went to high school in Simcoe. I moved away after college to the GTA as a young designer to gain much needed experience. I had graduated from Mohawk College in Hamilton in the early 1980's with an honour's diploma from their architectural technician program. I worked for many prominent architectural firms during my time in and around the City of Toronto for nearly 20 years.


I returned to Norfolk County in 2001 when my parent's began to need more of my assistance. It was at this time that I joined the well respected firm of G. Douglas Vallee Limited in Simcoe. I continue to work for them as a core staff member and have enjoyed my central role in the development of many larger buildings such as fire halls, schools, and industrial plants. 


The continuing development of my home based business has provided me with a different direction for my creativity. This business allows me the artistic freedom to make design decisions for residential projects.


I continue to advance my skill set while improving my understanding of the materials and methods of the profession by frequently attending seminars and workshops.

Dave Bennett
Principal / Designer

Full length CV updated December 2020

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